Another Panelworks restoration … Mike’s 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback.

We say we make dreams come true but why believe us? See what our customers have to say…

Hi MIKE here, owner of the Roush Mustang mentioned!

Just read Malcolms comments on me build. And got to say he under-sells himself and the work they do! The work these guys do have blown me away, from intial discussions and insights on the project to the ‘final’ reveal. It was without doubt above my expectations, and I’m one happy motorhead.

HOW CAN I DESCRIBE IT? – OK, It was like one of those moments you see on the FINAL reveal of an eposode of Overhaulin (Chip foose)!! But in good old gods own, these guys really do know what they are talking about. If you are looking to restore or reinvent your ride and want to do it to the best possible standard, then give Malcolm a call.

There is another guy also behind the larger than life frame of Malcolm called Ian ( “the guys with the grease on his his hands”!!)  thanks also your knowledge is impressive.

Thanks boys!

PS: “The 1st Place in Restomod catagory at the recent National Mustang Convention is testament to all you guys at Panelworks”.
Mike, thanks for the kind words, mate. I think a few bevvies might be in order!


Malcolm (Sanks) Sankey