2010 Open Day was a Great Success…

It was a lovely and sunny day and great to see a lot more Matamata “locals” here this year.

The Matamata Primary School did a great job of organizing the “Gold Coin Donation”, “Silent Bid”, the raffle, and also selling food and drink. In the end they raised between $2,500 and $3,000 towards new computers. Well done, Matamata primary – that’s a fantastic job.

And what about the controversial unveiling of the mighty “Folden”?

Again, we are still here! That’s always a bonus. The “Folden” was definitely a huge draw card for lots of folks. One of the first questions people asked us when they turned up was “where is the Folden hiding?”. The unveiling went without too much agro… either people were in ‘total shock’ at seeing such a hideous piece of blasphemy OR they loved it. I personally think they loved it. Actually, my partner Ian ( Kenny ) Kenyon are so proud of her/it we are planning on making a whole production line of them. Just kidding. Put those rocks down.

Speaking of rocks… the rockheads from ‘The Rock FM’ rocked up for a couple of hours covering the whole “Folden” thing and handed out a ton of freebie ‘give-aways’. I think they were hoping for a smidgen of violence or protest action to boost their ratings but Todd from NZV8 Magazine seemed to have such a soothing influence on all the gathered car fanatics that all remained calm.

For those who need to know: we had 80 entries in the colouring comp – including some adults! Congrats to Patrick O’Reilly who was the boys winner and Ayshia Rollinson who blitzed the other girls. Kris from ‘Auto One’ managed to stay inside the lines long enough to crush the other 3 crazy adult colouring contestants.

If you haven’t been to one our ‘Matamata Panelworks Open Days’ you are missing out on a day of food, fun and hanging out with other car fanatics. Oh and did I mention cars? Lots and lots of amazing cars. Enough to make any one with a slight interest in cars dribble from both sides of the mouth.

If you missed out this year, don’t despair. Hey, we do it every year on the last Sunday in March. So, stick it on your calendar and we’ll see you next year.