Check out the Folden Buzz


Dan Campbell
Still maybe fatten that Holden ass out a bit. Might look a bit limp with the mighty Mustang front and a tapered filthy Holden on the back. Spoiler it up….

Definitely chunk up the rear end a bit with a spoiler or something… Engine has to be a 351 clevo!!!!

Matt Railey

You should still be hung by your nuts for doing this, and covered in ants Bees and honey. and take a picture for the decal on the scoop


to all the people that think the car should have not been made and dont like the idea GET A LIFE its a blooddy cool idea its somthing that hasnt been done b4 i know of people cutting 2 differnt types of holden and putting them togeather and i NO that works! so why cant they put a ford and holden togeather their aint no law against it. i cant wait to see the finished folden.


candy apple red with a light gold base for paint


flag the paintjob – lets wrap it and get real clever – im your guy for this.

Aaron Morey

For a real touch of class, the paint colour “Porirua Pearl”


Brent Lynn

i have an idea for the logo.. the front half of the logo should be the holden lion like painted on the v8 supercars, and the rear half should be the body of a mustang logo

Chris Brown

put a picture of a fetus on it, any holden mixed with a ford is bound to be an abortion!

Maria Hatton

Should be a lion in the dust of a galloping mustang


I would like to see a Lion tearing apart a Falcon in it’s fired by flames on their mane & tail & try to disguise the abbortion where a muscle ford meets a nanna’s holden

Campbell Lawrence

wat about a pirahnah and a goldfish, the pirahnah 4 the mustang cos its got sum killer instinct and the goldfish cos we wont remember the ass end of this thing in three seconds the toe


The artwork for the Folden should be a Gryphon. A “gryphon” is a legendary creature with the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle. As you know Ford FPV uses the image of the falcon which is pretty similar to an eagle and Holdens Lion… Pretty obvious really…..