The “Folden” Controversy – are we gonna hafta hire bodyguards?

It’s a scary thing. Robert and Jono from “The rock FM” have been talking on air about getting “death threats” from outraged Ford and/ or Holden fanatics!

Hi, it’s Malcolm Sankey here at Matamata Panelworks. My partner and friend, Ian Kenyon, seems to be spending a helluva lot more time in the toilet these days and when he comes out he seems a touch “edgier” than usual. Either he’s taking the threats seriously or hiding a serious case of the trots.

What IS this “Folden” controversy all about you ask?

Well, you must have been locked in the boot of your car for the last few weeks, mate, but here’s the recap: it all started with those two crazy loons, Robert and Jono at “The rock FM”, coming up with the mad idea to “reconcile” the long time feuding Ford and Holden fans by building a half Ford and half Holden and calling it the “Folden”! Did I say “reconcile”? Provoke, stir, aggravate and ignite might be more appropriate verbs.

Just the idea provoked a mighty war of words. But when they managed to rope in “Big Ben Pies” to sponsor the project, Todd from NZV8 Magazine as project coordinator and finally coaxed myself and Ian “on air” into agreeing to build the mythical beast – that’s when the “bleep” finally hit the “bleep”!

To be fair, the project does have its supporters who are keen to see how this “horrible apparition” will actually turn out. Will it be a thing of beauty or a travesty?

Listeners of “The Rock” have been voting to choose the various Ford and Holden parts that Ian and I have to miraculously “join” together. They chose an HQ Holden to be the rear end to the already chosen 69 Ford Mustang front end. The new “Folden” will be powered by a 302 Ford engine with a Ford automatic gearbox linked to the Holden rear axle.

If Matamata Panelworks isn’t suddenly blown “sky high” by enraged Ford or Holden “terrorists” I’ll tell you more about how we are progressing in my next post.