The “Folden” is emerging from the “lab” like Frankenstein’s monster!

And, so far, we’re still here! The angry mobs from the Ford and Holden villages haven’t managed to storm Matamata Panelworks “castle” yet!

Does that make Ian Kenyon the equivalent of Dr. Frankenstein? He has been “operating” on ( in the view of some ) the “monster Folden” down in the Panelworks laboratory and giving “life” to something than may offend both God and man. We are just waiting for the lightning to strike!

OK, I am hamming it up a bit.

But, the “Folden” is all GO… we are cracking through the building process. Yep, it’s nearly finished. It’s half Ford Mustang and half HQ Holden … it’s grey with a double orange racing stripe and Foose Coronet mags … and it’s powered by a 302ci Ford engine… Ian has merged the two halves with some his typical brilliant panel work “magic” and she has received her sexy spray paint job in our “Paintworks”.

Whoa, suddenly, I seem to be referring to the “Folden” as a “she” instead of an “it”. As an unashamed, long-time Ford man – that’s a bit scary. Does it mean I am being seduced to the “Folden”s dangerous charms? I’m not sure I should admit this: but the more I see of her… I mean “it”… the hotter the “Folden” is looking to me.

Decide for yourself this Sunday 21st march when we unveil the “Folden” for the VERY FIRST time at the annual “Matamata Panelworks Open Day”. It is your chance to join a very exclusive club of car fanatics who will actually get “up close and personal” with the “Folden” before it passes into legend. You can even get your photo taken cuddling up to the sexy beast.

Come along and be a part of “history” together.