Restore classic cars to mint condition at Matamata Panelworks …

This comment on a previous Blog was  posted by Mike, whose ’65 Mustang was restored here at  Panelworks: 1/18/2011 6:27 PM, a comment was posted to your article, “Another Panelworks  restoration … Mike’s 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback.” Hi MIKE here, owner of the Roush Mustang  mentioned! Just read Malcolms comments on me build. And got … Continue reading Read more »

Why is Panelworks currently fixing 3 botched car restoration jobs by other panel beaters … ?

In the current  economic climate there are a lot of panel beaters looking for extra work and  many are looking to take on complex car restorations of the type that Panelworks specialises in. Currently  Panelworks is doing three “fix-up” car restorations at the moment. The reason that we are doing these car restorations is that … Continue reading Read more »

What’s the difference between Total Control and RRS or Racing Revelation Suspension?

If you’re  Googling the Internet for the best quality suspension parts for your  classic car restoration you’re going to come up with a product called Total  Control …. You are going  to hear people raving about how happy they are with Total Control suspension  systems because they are definitely top of the line and hard to go  … Continue reading Read more »