What sets the Panelworks Paint Shop apart from the rest?

Hi, I’m Greg Miller, foreman, of Panelworks Paint Shop …

I have been asked, “What makes Panelworks Paint Shop a cut above the rest?

Well, the easiest way to explain that is to give you an example of what we do. At the moment, we are working on a truly classic 1932 Chevy Coupe. It actually just came back from acid dippers last week. One of our top-notch guys, Shane, is the painter responsible for all the paint work on this little ’32 Chev Coupe – which you can see in the accompanying pictures.

First up. we go through the vehicle trying to find any rusty bits, clean the steel rod up, all inside, underneath and everywhere like that. Then we spray a “rust kill” product on the inside surfaces and let that dry off overnight. Then we put a primer on the inside and from there we move onto the outside panels that you see when all the doors and closed. We sand in the Wire Wheels and scrub them clean. We scrub them down with a phosphoric acid and rinse it off with water. Then we dry it and bake it in the oven. Then we apply an epoxy urethane etch product onto it which seals it off from any moisture in the air. The Chevy is just at that stage now. From here it goes back to the Panel Shop so they can start cutting any rust repairs out and so forth.

They patch prime it as they go through and do all their work and then it comes back to us and we go again on it and get into the full painting stage.

Probably, it’s going to be a couple of months in the panel beaters and we’ll get it back and probably be 4-6 weeks on it, depending how big the whole job is. Its body is off the chassis, at the moment, (as you can see in some of the pictures) because its got a full chassis.

So, exactly is it that we’re doing in the ‘Panelworks Paint Shop’ that sets us apart from the rest?

Myself, I think it is all about our detail and just painstaking consistency: always doing it the same way and not trying to short-cut it or anything like that. We stick consistently to the ‘right way’ to do it and that’s important, especially when the job is at the steelwork stage because if you do anything wrong there it can come back and bite you later on with blistering and stuff like that. This is also especially important if there is something on the metal that shouldn’t be there.

So, if there is any real secret to what we do, I think, it’s just about keeping it consistent and having professional systems in place and sticking to them.

Everything is always done the same way and there’s a reason why we do it that way. Our personal and professional standards are the highest in our industry because we won’t accept anything less. Panelworks Paint Shop have developed the right systems and employed and trained a skilled, loyal team to achieve those standards day-in and day-out.

Greg Miller.

* * * * * * *
I hope that gives you a little bit of  ‘behind the scenes’ insight here and reveals why you can trust Panelworks to get your paint job right first time and make sure its done to the highest possible standards.

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