“Unrepairable” car

My  Miracle Story

Matamata Panel Works turns my “unrepairable” 1969 Mach 1 into a prize  winning car!

After spending three years restoring our 1969 Mach 1, it was involved in a  bad accident!

( Name of wife involved withheld to protect the innocent ( me ) from clip  around the ears! )

We bought the wreck back with the intention of wrecking it for  parts.

After talking to friends of ours in the Mustang Club they suggested to let  Matamata Panelworks have a look. I contacted Malcolm and was impressed  straightaway with their enthusiasm.

The dilema – is it repairable?

After Matamata Panelworks looking at it and assuring me it was repairable,  they gave me a quote. I went with Matamata Panelworks because of their  professional approach I also liked the well set out and clean workshop and the  standard of the other mustangs being worked on there.

I liked the fact that they were working on mustangs all the time.

I was emailed photos throughout the re-build and Malcolm was more than happy  to work in with me throughout the re-build. Whilst we re-did the car to be a  driver we had the car finished just in time for the 2007 mustang convention in  Hamilton and amazingly I came 2nd in the 69-70 Mach 1 class.  We were beaten by  Malcolm’s mint 1970 Mach 1.  So while this was not a normal re-build it had a  very happy ending.

When I
tell people about the accident they are astonished

Because you would never know the car was in a major accident. Also, “near  enough” is not good enough for me and I was very happy with the whole job, start  to finish.

A special thanks

To Paul for a fantastic job and to Malcolm, Ian and the team for making a  badly damaged and what I thought a unrepairable car into a prize winning car. I  fully recommend Matamata Panelworks for any work you might be considering. Their  friendliness, professionalism and quality workmanship speaks for itself.

My car is a testimonial to Matamata Panelworks itself.

If you’ve heard the saying, “going the extra mile”, well Matamata Panelworks  definitely went the extra mile for me. I went to Matamata Panelworks as a  customer and left as a friend. Since the re-build being finished I’m very proud  to have my son Shaun join the team at Matamata Panelworks.


Kevin Mold.