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Dreaming of a “turn-back-the-clock”
Car Restoration

Wake-up and phone us… we’ll make your dreams come true.
Panelworks has restored every car from classic Ford Mustangs, like the awesome purple  ’69 Mustang below, to every shape of car, van or truck capable of being driven on the road.

The Best Guarantee you will ever read…

We guarantee to give you a car restoration so close to showroom perfection that you can win awards with it! That’s exactly what happened to one of our recent clients. READ his story here.

We have restored vehicles from barely one or two original parts – but even if we are “just” removing the odd “ding” from your beloved chariot we promise to do the job so well you will never be able to tell where it was. READ our Unique Guarantee here.

Car been in a smash? Basic Prang or Classic Car Restoration?

Read what our customers have to say about our work … Our clients are often kind enough to write unsolicited testimonies or allow us to use them on this website or other places. Read some testimonies of our work here.

Read “My Miracle Story” – How Matamata Panel Works turned my “unrepairable” 1969 Mach 1 into a prize winning car!

A wise man once said, “Some cars are better than sex!” but if you own a car like this you’ll always attract a beautiful “co-driver”.


 Matamata Panelworks Ford XB Falcon  
Winner of the NZV8 Street Car of the Year Award

  Panelworks Open Day 2012

Don’t miss out! Stick Open day 2014 on your calendar.

It’s the last weekend in March every 2nd year: plan now to come
and see some incredible car restorations and talk cars all day!

Email Malcolm Sankey for details:
or phone him on 07 888 7831.