At Matamata Panelworks, we take pride in our rich legacy of automotive craftsmanship that transcends borders. Nestled in the heart of New Zealand, we’ve earned global recognition for our unparalleled expertise in two distinct but equally captivating realms: restoration and resto-modification.

Whether you’re an automotive enthusiast, a connoisseur of classic cars, or someone with a passion for pushing the boundaries of automotive design, we’re your go-to destination.

Restoration – Where Timeless Beauty is Brought Back to Life:

Our restoration division at Matamata Panelworks is where automotive history comes alive. With painstaking attention to detail and a profound commitment to preserving the legacy of iconic automobiles, we specialize in breathing new life into classic cars. 

From vintage classics to time-honored legends, we meticulously restore every vehicle, ensuring it not only regains its former glory but transcends it. Our dedication to authenticity, precision, and the use of top-tier materials have earned us recognition not only in New Zealand but across the globe.

Resto-Mod – Where Tradition Meets Innovation:

In the realm of resto-modification, we break the mold by seamlessly blending the timeless charm of classic cars with the cutting-edge performance and modern conveniences of today’s automotive world. Matamata Panelworks is where tradition meets innovation, where the past harmonizes with the future.

Our skilled craftsmen and designers can turn your classic car into a marvel of modern engineering, with custom modifications that ensure an exhilarating driving experience like no other.

Our world-class expertise in resto-mods has made us a sought-after name both locally and internationally.

Global Recognition:

What sets Matamata Panelworks apart is the international acclaim we’ve garnered for our restoration and resto-modification prowess. Our passion for excellence, unwavering dedication to precision, and the sheer beauty of the automobiles we create have caught the eye of enthusiasts and collectors worldwide. We’ve graced the covers of prestigious automotive magazines, been showcased at international events, and attracted a global clientele who entrust us with their most cherished automotive dreams.

When you choose Matamata Panelworks, you’re not just selecting a service provider; you’re embarking on a journey with a team of artisans and visionaries who’ve left an indelible mark on the global automotive stage. From the lush landscapes of New Zealand, we share our passion for cars with the world.