Tickford sets a new performance benchmark in the latest Mustang by delivering a new tune that delivers a performance gain of between 10%-15% to the naturally aspirated V8 engine featuring the 6-speed manual gearbox, with slightly less achieved for those vehicles with an auto box. This boost in power provides the most genuine track-orientated power curve to date, as the Tickford tune focuses on enhancing the driveability of the Mustang with a smoother application of power with excellent mid-range performance and peak torque, based on the use of 98-RON fuel.

The performance upgrade can also be enjoyed in the 10-speed automatic where the same enhanced driveability is experienced, though with a greater feeling of throttle response and stronger connection with the 10-speed box making it the ultimate touring GT car. However, given the imposed limitations and restrictions within the new automatic transmission, while the tune remains similar, the overall horsepower available is reduced while the torque figure – the pulling power of the car – remains consistent.

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